Every person in your life is a shadow in your mind, good or bad, they helped shape who you are today.



Isn’t it ironic ? We ignore the ones who adore us, Adore the ones who ignore us, Love the ones that hurts us, And hurt the ones that love us

Lonely Heart

This is a sad drawing but it is also very good. Everyone deserves to with the one they love. I believe that everyone will find the other half of their heart and soul mate.

Your True Self

People are always changing what they like, who they hate, who they love, what they wear and even how they act to please the people who are around them and more times than not they are not even showing who they really are. I know this is true because i have done in some cases still do but admitting it is one step closer is one step to showing who you really are and not what people want you to be. So be yourself not what others want to being because you are only hurting yourself in return.People they come and go in life, they are not always there, but you are, you will always be there somewhere deep inside yourself, no matter how much you try to hide it and make it go away you true self will never go away.  So just let your true self come out and always remember to be you.