Secrets Uncovered

This is just the beginning not the whole story.


            People always think the rich are prefect. They think that nothing bad ever happens to them; I used to be one of them. I always had money; my parents were rich. You would think my life was perfect, but it just was not complete. It had not been bad.

            Then my parents died and my life took a turn for the worse. I had to go back to Delmare Manor, I had to go home. Through the memories of having everything except what money can’t buy. I had little happiness in my childhood. I hadn’t been home in over a year, it all comes back.

Chapter 1

            My childhood had never been happy; my parents always worked and had no sibling. No brothers to tease or a sister to borrow clothes from. I would not try to have friends, for I feared that they only would like me for my money, I wanted someone to like me for me. My parents were worried that I did not have any friends. All through growing up, my companions were my stories and drawings.

            When my parents were home because of their secrecy I mostly stayed out of their way, so even if they weren’t secretive I still wouldn’t even know much about their work. They mostly stayed either in their office, the library or the attic. You may think my parents didn’t care, but you are wrong. They did care; they just didn’t know what they could do to make me happy. So when I left, I hoped never to return, but to my disappointment I was back.

Chapter 2

I guess that once I left home, that I did not think about home that much I did not think about my parents. I had just packed up and left one day. I regret not saying goodbye to my parents or even talking to them since. I regret not saying anything to my parents before they died. That time for me is gone and now I must go home to nothing but memories.

            It was a beautiful, winter day just perfect with the little white snow. It was even more perfect for someone walking than riding in a car, in Paris. The street were nothing but empty on this cold January morning. Exactly how I wanted it to be, I wanted to be alone when I go home. My home, Delmare Manor, is at the end of the street. 500 acres of land that is now all mine. Right when I was about to enter through the gate, I had the strangest of feels that I knew I was being watched. There was not supposed to be any one in the house and no one was on the street, so how could there be someone watching me.

            The manor was full of death and despair. At first I only had enough strength to go to my room. It is still the same as it was the day I left. The purple bed covers, the paintings on the walls that I made when I was five. The dolls still lying against my pillow.

            “Your parents always hoped you’d come back” said an old man. Startled I turned to see that our old grounds keepers.

            “I had hoped that they were not hurt.” I said sort of weakly.

            “Your parents loved you and when you left they thought it was their fault.” He said, as if daring me to challenge him, to tell him why I left.

            “But it wasn’t their fault, I just wanted to…..” I could not finish. The sorrow was too great, the thought that I might have hurt my parents so much, that they might have committed suicide. No, the officer that told me they were dead, also told me someone murdered them.


Big Secrets in Distress

I was only three months old when my mother had left me; the reasons for her leaving were for my safety, not because of Zeus’s law. She left because while she was with me and my father, monsters started to come to our house to kill me. Monsters are trying to kill me because of a prophecy that was made the day that I was born. The prophecy was that when the child of the gods that is to be born today will someday discover that they have some powers. Powers that I was not meant to have and was not possible to have because they are the most powerful powers to have. For these powers can cause great happiness or suffering to all, even to the gods! I was not to learn of this; because if I knew then I will be at an even greater risk. It was hidden from me until I was considered of age.

So I grew up not knowing; but somehow I knew and felt that I was not normal. Even in the simplest things I could think, see a strategy forming in my mind. After one time when I was nine years old I beat three thirteen year old boys in a fight at my school. I of course was expelled after this I asked my father how could this happen. Ever since this event, I have been in a fight at every new school I go to and now when I turned thirteen my stepmom kicked me out of the house because I am fighting with my two stepsisters, Helen and Bethany.

Before I leave the house forever, my father tells me exactly why and what I am. He tells me that my mother was the goddess Athena and that I am a Demi-god. He tells me that the reason I can see strategies forming in my mind is because my mother, Athena, is the goddess of war and battle strategy and I have some of her powers. The day I was born a prophecy was made that feared the gods so they sent monsters, who tried and kill me but they failed because my father moved and married my stepmom and my mother went back up to Olympus. So for thirteen years I have been protected by my father and now because of my stepmom kicking me out I am now getting ready to leave at midnight for a camp that is supposed to train and protect me. I then ask how am I suppose to get to the camp and how am I suppose to protect myself against any monsters. “ Oh wait, I have forgotten your mother left you some things before she left because she knew one day you will need to defend yourself and that you will have a quest that will decide your fate.” He remembers, “ It is in the attic there is a locket and on the back says For the one who needs, but does not know it yet, just need to ask for help. My father explained that only I could use the locket, because only the daughter of Athena can use it. “When you are ready to leave I will give u the other things.”

I went and brought the locket back to him as he had said but I could not help but wonder what the writing meant; what was inside of the locket; how it was suppose to help me on my journey. Which he told me the safest place to go to is to camp Special Blood and not to go to Olympus. What I did not know was when I got back from the attic was that my father would be holding a sword and shield. He told me that my mom made the sword and shield and that it has powers that I am the only one who can control and use it. If someone else tries to use it they will be hurt severely. One more important thing I would need to remember is that no matter how hard any one tried it could not be broken or taken far enough away that I could not be able to use it. Then he tells me that the locket is something that will bring me help and only I unless I wish it to help someone else. It can only do things to help me in my time of need. Like transport me to a safe place like a cottage or give me food. The last things he gave me was a map that shows me the way to the camp or Olympus or anywhere else I need to go at the time and a box that is called a rumx, that lets you store anything to no limit. All I would need to do to bring out the object that I would need or put it inside it was to say Bring it to me for I am in need of it or send away I am in no need for it.

            By the time he told me all of this it was 11:30 and I had to be ready to leave at midnight that way I am hidden in the darkness of the night that way I am able to get to the forest by morning.  I pack in less than 20 minutes because I never really had much. At 11:54 I was leaving the house with my backpack and the gifts that were form my mother, and I am heading to the forest on the outside of the town. By 6 in the morning I was deep in the middle of forest that is haunted by giants and werewolves. I decide to lie down and rest for a while that way by night fall I will be able to start traveling to the forest of the forbidden souls. Which will take me more than one day’s travel just to get to according to the map; it will actually take me three days to get there because of a fight with a giant wound my fighting arm. So I fell asleep and I did not wake up until 5 in the evening I, then ate some food and water that I packed in my rumx. Then I was heading off in the direction of the forbidden forest within 20 minutes.

Three days later in the middle of the forbidden Forest

After my 7th day traveling I am almost out of food so somehow, some way I h6ave to figure out a way  to get food before I am out. Also find some place I can rest because the day before I fought with one of the monsters Zeus sent to kill me and it wounded my leg to wear it was hard to walk. After about a few hours of walking through the forest I discover a cottage and I enter the cottage with my sword drawn because for the past few days I have felt that someone has been following me. To my surprise it looked like someone has been living there for years but no one was there or anywhere nearby. I decide to stop for the night and sleep in the cottage instead of having to sleep on the ground again and maybe I could take some food. While I was looking around the cottage I saw a symbol that I have seen before but I could not remember where or what it was. After dinner I brought out the book that I had been reading that I found in the cottage. Then I realized that the book is about the goddess Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and inside the book there was the symbol again and there was writing next to it. It said, “the path to the camp can be found when you press at the heart of the symbol.”

When I realized what it was talking about, I ran to the symbol with all my stuff and the book and press the symbol. It opened to show a tunnel that I could not see where it leads but I went in any way.  With my flashlight I soon was engulfed with darkness but the light from the flashlight. I walked like that for what felt like hours and just when I sat down and turned off my flashlight I saw a faint light far off form where I just came from. So I decide to wait until who it was to come closer to see who it was that had been following me but I would take out my sword just in case I need to defend myself. But when he came closer I realized I had seen him before I saw him the day I learned that I was a Demi-god. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen and form the little light there was it looked liked his eyes were blue and he had brown messy  hair that look like was never anything but missed up.

“Who are you?” I called out at him.

“I am Gideon, and I am sorry for following you but I heard that you were a Demi-god, the daughter of Athena. So I had to be sure because if you were, then I wanted to make sure that you would not want to kill me or harm me, but now you have found me.” He explained.

“Oh, and how do I know that you are not going to kill me when you get the chance, are you planning on going to the camp, too?” I said.

“No, I did not plan to kill you I just wanted to know if the stories were true and yes I am on my way  to the camp. Do you think we can finish traveling together?” He replied.

“Sure I guess we can travel together but there is not much more we have to go the camp is just at the end of this tunnel but I don’t how much more of this tunnel there is.” I explained.

We told each other about our lives and some of our stories while we ate and then we went to sleep but I had a hard time just trying to sleep because the more I thought about him the more I was beginning to like him. But soon sleep found me and I woke just a few hours before dawn, at least I think it was that time because it was still dark in the tunnel, it was hard to tell what time it was. I started to fix breakfast and when I finished cooking he woke up. He got up and said “morning” and asked if anything new happened. I replied that nothing new had happened; after that we just ate and packed in silence. Once that was done I checked my bandage leg and it had apparently healed over night so I was able to walk better that day. We started out walking in the tunnel hoping that we would be at the camp by the end of the day; so we just kept on going through our thoughts and did not say anything the whole day. By the end of the day we came to an opening and through the opening there was a bridge that was 50 feet above water, but on the other side of the bridge a path lead out of the tunnel. Just as we were about to cross the bridge he said that he need to tell me something so I said ok tell me, he said, “ There is another reason I followed you and that is because I have seen you before and I did not have the courage to come and talk to you or even tell you how I felt because I thought I was this kid who needed help for the longest time until my mother told me who I am and now that I know that I am not alone in the fact that I am a Demi-god and that you are to.”

I asked, “What are you trying to get at?”

“ I guess what I am trying to say is that I really like you and that I always have but I just never told to you about it before because I was scared that you would think that I am a freak, but then I heard about you and I thought wow you are just like me!” he explained.

I was speechless after that but I was able to say, “Gideon, thank you and I like you, too, a lot.” After that he and I carefully walked across the bridge and out into the camp but after a few minutes of standing there everything went black and I passed out due to the infection in my leg. I do not know what happened after that but all I know is that I woke up in this room laying in a bed but the room was decorated for the goddess Athena and Gideon was sitting next to me and he said, “ How are you feeling?”

“I am fine, but what happened?” I said weakly.

“You are going to be fine actually by tomorrow you can get out of bed, but none of that matter right now. I want you to know that I love you and that we are here at camp Special Blood.”

Death, Time, and Earth

Once there was a god who ruled over everything alone. He was merciful and kind but lonley, very lonley. He looked down upon his subjects and chose three people; A young nun, a military officer and a murderer. Upon these three people, he gifted one area of control. To the nun he gave control of nature; to love and care for all the animals and plants that covered the earth. The military officer was given control over time; something he had always worked hard to be a manager of. The murderer was given control over death; to lead the dead on and guard the gates to keep them from rising again. For hundreds of years the three of them ruled in peace and harmony. Time marched on in perfect rhythm, nature prospered and flourished , and the dead stayed down and the god was very pleased. The humans loved their rulers who were kind, just, and loving. The people built the three alters all around the world. However, the universe cannot really ever have peace without war at the end. The era of the trilogy ended when the unthinkable happened, a romance sprouted. Death had always been referred to as a beautiful woman when on earth and kept her human looks into the heavens. Time fell for her looks and her dedication to redeeming herself but unfortunately, Death did not return his affections. At the same time, Earth was falling in love with Time.  However, Time was too busy in his search for Death’s affections to notice. Death only wanted more power, after becoming unsatisfied with her current station. Unwilling to live with the rejection Time had given her, Earth planned to kill Death. She staged herself in death’s bedroom with an emerald knife ready for the kill. Death’s servants had warned her before and she was ready for the attack wielding a dagger cast from onyx. As Death walked in her room, she yelled out to the room.

“I know you are here.” Earth said nothing unsheathing her knife.

“I don’t want to fight you.” Death said holding the handle of her knife harder as each step echoed.

“At least if you’re going to kill me at least face me first!” At these words, Earth leaped out of her hiding place. As she drew he dagger to stab Death, the onyx dagger stabbed her in the arm causing Earth to drop her dagger on to the floor.

“Why have you come?” Death asked

“To get rid of the one obstacle in her way to what she really wants I suppose.” Time said. As he walked in, he tossed a dagger back and forth between his tanned hands.

“She wants you,” Death said, “She can have you. Leave.”

“How can you ever truly deny the heart and feelings you know you have.” Time said. As he attempted to kiss her, the onyx dagger slipped through his ribs killing him. It was then that all the clocks broke free and ran fast and slow stopping and starting as they pleased. Seeing what she had done, Death began to apologize for the crime that had taken place.

“You didn’t change,” Earth said “You’re still a fifthly little killer who thought she could be great.”

“Shut up”

“You know he really thought you could change.” Before she could control herself, Death lunged at her with her dagger. The fight that ensued was only three moves long but was long enough to kill Earth. The moment she fell the seas began to rage and turn rough. The animals turned against the humans and retreated into the forest. As soon as she realized what she had done, Death began to frame Time and Earth for the crime. Taking their daggers, she stabbed them again getting their blood on the blades. She dragged Earth and Time to Earth’s room and shoved them on top of the other. As a last gesture, their daggers were placed in their hands. Death proceeded to wash the blood off her body and dagger, retiring for the night. The next day at breakfast for the deity spoke to Death.

“Why have your comrades not awoken?” He asked.

“I do not know good lord. I merely pay attention to my duties this early.” Death said thin lipped. The deity nodded

“I shall go and wake them, we do not want them to miss this delicious meal.” The deity said.

“I must head off. Duties must be done.” Death smiled her hangman’s smile before walking out skirts trailing behind her. She was about to take off when she heard the deity wail. Death went running bursting into Earth’s room panting.

“What’s wrong master?” Death asked.

“I heard the wails and was concerned.”

“Earth and Time murdered here last night.”

“’Tis such a shame master.” Death said

“That they had to die in a manner so foul. Their deaths will be forever mourned.”

“And to think they killed each other in one night! They were brought here to create peace. Their end will cause war.”

                Death was crying crocodile tears until her eyes lit up. She dashed over to the deity and began to comfort him. As he sobbed, she rubbed his shoulders.

“War can be avoided.” She whispered into his car. Bleary eyed the deity looked up and asked “How?”

“Give me their power.” Death said stroking his back. “I will take on their responsibility. The world will remain in balance.”

                The deity stood up, brushing off her steady hand. He went to the window staring absent mindedly out at the world.

“Give you the power?” The deity muttered, “To say that to a man who just lost two of his closest friends is unnecessarily cruel. But Death has never been known to be kind.”

                Death giggled and walked over to the deity. The woman created an image on her hand. It was a tiny city glistening white. Large glistening streets, golden archways and black lace curtains fluttered out of every window. Women were dressed in fancy red dresses. Hair in curly up-dos. The men wore dress suits with top hats and clean well brushed hair. They pursued the streets talking laughing, flirting with the others. Animals roamed the streets criss crossing through people’s legs. When one clock chimed, they all chimed.

“Look,” Death said, “See this world? See how calm it is?” The deity looked at her hand. A soft smile erupted on his face. He was entranced by the city and all that was in it.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” Death said, “A world where time goes straight, animals are trusting of humans, and those who are dead stay dead.” She snapped her fingers and the world expanded to envelop them all. Death smirked and danced, causing the people to join her. The deity smiled and watched his people dance. It was the world he had always wanted, and under the old regime, he had never gotten. However, the sunset and it all changed. The pleasant dancers began to change into gaunt, ugly creatures; the animals became rabid and angry. Demons leapt from roof to roof-snatching souls at random. Death was on the street touching people causing their souls to float up to the demons mouth. Long demonic cackling was loud through the streets. The deity was appalled by what he saw. When Death saw this, she snapped her fingers, which brought them back to the Deity’s high palace.

“What was that?” He screamed, “That world was not what I wanted.”

“You get your world in the day.” Death said, “I get mine by night. The greatest compromise.”

“I wouldn’t wish that on my people,” The deity screamed, “I wouldn’t wish that on the worst person alive! I refuse to give you the power.”

                Death was frustrated by that. She started to walk away when she was struck with an idea. Grabbing her dagger she ran and pressed it to the deity’s throat.”

“Give me the power, or I will kill you like I killed the others.”

“I can best you physically.” The deity said, slamming her onto the ground. Death rolled him onto his back and pressed her dagger into his throat.

“Don’t doubt my reason in killing you.” Death said pressing her knife hard enough to draw blood. “I would hate to kill you, but I will for power.” The deity grabbed Death’s cloak. As it flew off Death changed back into the skinny murderer who was still in chains.

“Never attempt to murder one in higher standings.”

                Death curled up in a little ball. Her dress was tattered and her face tear stained. She shied away from the Deity’s light.

“I’m sorry.” She cried, “I was never going to do it.” She began to pull on the shackles trying to get free. “Don’t punish me!” Death cried.

“I will punish you for you are a traitor and attempted to kill me.” The deity said, “You murdered your friends, and tried to kill the humans who loved you so. You are not allowed in here anymore.

                Therefore, Death, Time, and Earth’s reign ended. In order to preserve the culture they had brought the deity banished their souls down to the human world. Their spirits were placed inside of unborn babies to live out three hundred lifetimes on earth. Then, and only then, would they be accepted back into the heavens. The people endowed with the spirits of the three were geniuses in particular fields. They were artists, botanists, ghost hunters, biologists, inventors, writers, and leaders. However, none of them knew who they were. Their memories were wiped when they were banished. The banishment changed Earth’s spirits; she became malicious and often tried to kill the people who were harboring her spirit. She was the first one back to the heavens. Time and Death are still walking this earth fulfilling their last lifetime. No one knows where they are or who they are. Who knows one of them might be you.

A story written by one of my friends

The girl, Death, and a house

Here’s three super short stories. I wrote these during a writing camp and I discovered them in a notebook I forgot I had. Here you go! Tell me what you think?

  My hair was a mess; random strands flying everywhere. When they arrived at the house, I fought and thus I was beaten. Then, they dumped me out here thinking I was dead. My family was dead; that I knew for certain. I needed to remember the happy points to get me through. What had my father called me? Oh yeah, his little queen. I needed to get to the house to get to the phone. I stopped crawling because I was too worn out. I needed something else. What had my mother called me? I needed to remember. Oh yes, the queen of her heart. If only I could get to the house……

     Death stood behind the woman, smiling. She’d be wonderful for his little circus show. “Look at that!” he laughed to himself. “She’s still trying to get home! Doesn’t she know I’m right here?” He giggled, reached out with his gloved hands and grabbed for her barely breathing neck.

    She was really a sad sight. It was depressing enough to have the mini mourge on my lower flowers but now this? I had watched her grow up and now she couldn’t even return to me. It got more depressing as she struggled to pull herself up, blood trickeling from a bash wound on her head. Even when she couldn’t move anymore she didn’t feel Death stalking her. He’d been there most of the time of course. I really guess humans are just stupid that way. I will move on and get new owners or maybe I will become a museum. But still, I kinda liked her. I pray she will go to a good place.

Another story written by one of my friends.

The prince and the mouse

This is a story I wrote recently. It’s a fairytale type story that kinda was just born in my mind.  It’s not my best work but I still want to know what you think!



Once upon a time, there was a King and a Queen who ruled over a very large kingdom. As the King grew close to dying, he called for his four sons. He told them that he was close to death and when he died, his kingdom would be split into four pieces and each son would get one piece of the kingdom. To decide who would get each piece, the king gave them a challenge. They must go and find the most beautiful thing they could. The one with the most beautiful object would be given that part.

                So, when the sun rose the next morning the four sons left to search. They searched far and wide and two months later, they returned. The eldest son brought back four women, the second son brought back four pieces of jewelry, the third son- four works of poetry, and the last son brought four varied objects. From the north, the eldest son’s item was a beautiful woman with dark hair and soft, tall skin. From the south, the eldest son brought back a woman with skin as black as tar, hair of the same color and eyes that were chocolate-brown. She was the daughter of a very rich merchant and there were men constantly at the door.

“She is the most beautiful one in the largest southern city. Everyman who passes through the town longs to see even a glimpse of her.”

                From the west came a woman with light skin, light hair, and sweet blue eyes. She was the daughter of a painter and was in many of his paintings. Every painting that she was in was purchased quickly.

“This woman is so beautiful the artists of our kingdom use her as a reference of gods.”

                Finally, the girl came from the east. Her face was chalky white and stood out in contrast to her dark black hair. Her eyes were green and overall she looked like a china doll. She was the daughter of a poor man who kept her inside hoping for a rich husband.

“When she was born the sun began to smile. She is not married and men come from around the world to see her.”

                The second son brought back from the north a necklace of pure sapphire with a diamond chain. The prince had gotten it from a merchant who warned him of its accursed beauty.

“Taken from the temples of the high mountains it is said to have been formed from the tears of their god.”

                From the south, he brought a chain of gold with several strands of oddities hanging from it. He had charmed it from the daughter of a duchess who said that she simply must have it back.

“The woman who owned this necklace found beautiful items and made a necklace out of them.”

                From the west he bought it from an artisan in a marketplace, the old man had made it just for him.

“This necklace was made by one of the fabled craftsman of the land. He had nimble fingers and made a bracelet that anyone would envy.”

                From the east, he brought a hairpiece made from carved jade. Dangling from the edges were beads of ruby. It was hand carved by an apprentice whose master had taken credit for the work. When the second son had found out, he ordered the man to give it to him free.

“This came from the brightest new hands in the kingdom. The flower is exquisite and it belongs on any noble head.”

                The third brother produced a poem about the snow from the north. The poem from the north was written by a military officer who compared everything to the death of his family. The third brother chose not to explain any of his items.

“I think that the words should explain themselves. Only true beauty can do that.”

                From the south, he brought a poem about nature, and how that nature itself was gorgeous. A beautiful young widow with whom the third son had fallen hopelessly in love with wrote the poem. He planned to marry her after he became a king. From the west, he brought a poem about the heat of fire and how it could be used as a metaphor for the heartbeat and thoughts that drive humans, lastly from the east he produced a poem about a china cup, who loved nothing more than to be drunk out of.

                Finally, there was the fourth son. He was the most simple of the brothers and he treasured everything. For his first item, he brought a piece of word with a knot in it.

“I find it so interesting to look at. The way the knot affects the rest of the plank.” Ignoring the soft tut-tut of his father, he removed a tattered robe from his bag.

“This was once a great robe, hand sewn by a wonderfully kind old man’s lovely wife. They were the only ones who were nice to me in the southern regions.”

                For the east, he pulled out a cracked pot. It was a vase type item with rounded hands and small carvings on it.

“This pot was made by women several hundred years ago. “It was cracked in a fire but its owners are still very proud of it. Its history makes it beautiful.”

                Lastly, for the west he pulled out a small mouse. It was not a pretty mouse, and it was not even in good shape. Its eyes were dull, one of its ears was torn, it was thin and part of its tail was missing. The king was so shocked by the pathetic creature that he started to laugh.

“Father, let me explain why I chose this mouse. I started out in the west and when I could find nothing that struck my eye I nearly gave up. Then I saw this poor mouse being attacked by cats. When I saved it, it became my friend. It never tried to escape or leave me. It’s quite a friend.”

“Why would you want a mouse as a friend?” The king asked, “They are useless rodents.”

“This one is special. It was the first creature that was nice to me in my time traveling.” The fourth son protested

                The king made a tutting noise and then announced the winners. The first son would be given the east, the second son the north, third son the south, and the fourth son would be given the west even though the king felt he didn’t deserve anything. With those words he died. It was with the news that the four were crowned. The eldest three brothers had wonderful starts. The eldest brother’s people loved him and he married the girl from the east, who was very happy. The second son married the woman from the north and was richer than he had ever hoped due to the mining of jewels. The third son slowly accumulated enough riches and finery to propose to the woman. The last son had the hardest time, his subjects weren’t awed by him and there was a constant pressure behind him to find a wife. He spent all of his time in his room with his mouse.

“Why can’t I be like my brothers,” He would ask to no one in particular. “Happy and successful, with a legacy behind me?”

                More than once he caught himself wishing his brothers would suffer, that they would lose everything that made them special. When he caught himself doing this, he would immediately stop himself. Then one day his grudging silent wishes came true. The second brother began to have financial troubles. His miners were going on strike complaining that he was paying them too little for the grueling work they did. He swore he was paying them fairly but they stopped working and his assets were slowly drying up. Not to mention the monks who were demanding that he give back the sapphire necklace that was taken from them. He refused and the monks swore revenge.  They snuck into the castle and killed him while he was sleeping and stole the sapphire back. The men left undetected and the guards never found them. The brothers split his land in half and the east took one part and the west the other. Now the brother who ruled the south finally went to the woman he loved to ask her to marry him. When he got to her house, he found that she was already remarried to a rich man. In a deep state of depression, he went home and hung himself. This led the youngest brother to question himself. His life was improving as his brother’s worsened. His subjects had started to love him and his land was slowly getting bigger as the land that was his older brother’s was now split between him and his only brother left. But no matter what was making his life better his counsel of advisors kept pressuring him to marry,

“If only you were human,” The prince told his mouse “I would marry you in an instant.”

                The final brother’s death came with a request. The eldest brother’s wife requested to go home and see her father because he was sick. The eldest son told his wife that at the end of the end of the month they would visit her father. However, at the end of the month he made no efforts to leave. She asked again and again she was turned away. She asked again and again but time and time again, she was turned away telling her next time or ask again later. Finally, she gave up on asking him to go and tried to force him to go. Then he told her that she was replaceable and slapped her. These beatings went on for months before the woman gave up and slit her husband’s throat. She escaped back to her hometown and was never heard from again. The youngest brother was now the sole inheritor of his father’s kingdom. He was just and fair and his subjects loved him more than they had ever loved his father, but still the council failed to find him a wife. They paraded women by him but he ignored them all. He became more and more antisocial as they tried harder to make a match. He soon got to the point where he would go for days talking to no one but his mouse, which had finally healed and was plump and happy. Many of his advisors told him to get rid of the mouse. They told him that it was distracting him from his duties.

                After many months, he finally agreed. He walked to his room with a heavy heart knowing he would lose his single constant. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see a beautiful woman at his window. She had long dusty brown hair, pale white skin and a cherub like face. What was extra special was a pair of beautifully sculpted wings on her back. She was staring out of his window and didn’t notice him entering. It wasn’t until he slammed the door that she noticed him. She smiled at him and extended her arms as if she were asking for a hug.

“Who are you?” He asked keeping his arms crossed.

“I guess I do look a bit different now,” The strange woman said getting up from her seat by the window. A crown of ivy wrapped around her head. “It’s me, your mouse.”

                The youngest brother said nothing out of shock. The mouse-woman-fairy-thing giggled.

“I understand that you won’t believe me. It’s a lot to swallow. To start with my name is Souris and I am a spirit of the forests,” Souris said, “One day a fire was lit by a young man, one of your brothers I believe. It became too large to control and I turned into a mouse and fled. I kept running until I ran into the small town of Searia. I hid in the alley where you found me for three days. I was going to return when I was attacked. You saved my life and I am forever in your debt.”

                The youngest brother was not convinced “Why did you not return to your forest when you were better?”

“I needed revenge.” Souris said sitting down. “Those men destroyed my home. Their camp killed my forest. One man started the fire but they did nothing to stop it.” Her hands were clenched in her lap.

“So all the misfortune that happened to them was you?” The youngest brother said turning away from her “You murdered them!”

“They destroyed my home. Besides, I only killed two. And they were horrible people who deserved it. The third was just a coincidence.”

The youngest brother hated himself for not disagreeing with her with the horrible insults to his brothers. He knew they were jerks since they had been children they ran over him and called him names. Half of his life was spent wishing they would all drop dead. He turned to her removing any emotion from his voice “Why didn’t you tell me who you were before?”

“At first I was too weak to. Then I thought you would get rid of me.” Souris hung her head letting part of her hair fall in front of her face.

“Why would you think I would turn you away?” He sat next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, every hint of sadness back in his voice.

“Because,” Souris said, “I wasn’t the little mouse who you saved.” She began to cry and put her face in her hands.

“I can’t tell you what I would have done then,” The youngest brother said “But now I will tell you that you are welcome here.” He patted her knee before standing.

“You’re not going to force me to leave?” She asked looking up.

“No, I will have quarters set up for you.”

                The two were married two months later. Souris came and went as her forest needed her and there was much joy both in the forest and in the kingdom. They had four sons who upon the youngest brothers’ death were given part of his kingdom. His legacy continued for 200 years until a group of barbarians wiped out these countries. No matter what happens to his land, he will always be remembered in history as the man who married the mouse

The End

This is written by one of my best friends.

Midnight Lights

It is like I have no fear when I see the Midnight Lights. The night is as dark as blackberries with little yellow stars. As I see them twinkling, the wind blowing through my hair giving me the chills, I grip the railing that is as cold as ice, as I look down to see the riverside. As I look at the riverside, I see two young lovers enjoying the night, which makes me miss having someone by my side holding me. I almost want to go to him. With me in his arms hold me close to him breathing the smell of him off of his shirt. But then I remember that he is not by me or even near me, so then I wish to the heavens that by some luck I will run into him soon.But for the time being i must watch my dog before she runs away. For she smells as lovely as a lovely little lily and she is a beautiful brown puppy. When I whistled she, Sophie, came running to me for me to pet her and hold her so she could see the Midnight Lights. But nnow that it is nearing dawn the lights start to turn pink and the wind bringing the smell of freshly made bread. But we continueto sit there watching the sun open up to this new day like a rose blooming. Then all of the sudden, she starts barking as he walks to me. So he holds me just as i had wished for, we watched the last of the Midnight Lights together. 🙂