Midnight Lights

It is like I have no fear when I see the Midnight Lights. The night is as dark as blackberries with little yellow stars. As I see them twinkling, the wind blowing through my hair giving me the chills, I grip the railing that is as cold as ice, as I look down to see the riverside. As I look at the riverside, I see two young lovers enjoying the night, which makes me miss having someone by my side holding me. I almost want to go to him. With me in his arms hold me close to him breathing the smell of him off of his shirt. But then I remember that he is not by me or even near me, so then I wish to the heavens that by some luck I will run into him soon.But for the time being i must watch my dog before she runs away. For she smells as lovely as a lovely little lily and she is a beautiful brown puppy. When I whistled she, Sophie, came running to me for me to pet her and hold her so she could see the Midnight Lights. But nnow that it is nearing dawn the lights start to turn pink and the wind bringing the smell of freshly made bread. But we continueto sit there watching the sun open up to this new day like a rose blooming. Then all of the sudden, she starts barking as he walks to me. So he holds me just as i had wished for, we watched the last of the Midnight Lights together. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Midnight Lights

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